Nicole Johnstone- Nicole grew up in the mountains of Colorado riding, training and raising Quarter Horses. She expanded her training horizons to dogs. Nicole’s first working dogs were two Dutch Shepherds, from then she began handling Belgian Malinois and a Doberman. For the last 7 years Nicole has spent countless hours attending seminars across the US with some of the most knowledgeable trainers, handlers and decoys available. Primarily she competes in French Ring with her Belgian Malinois but has also competed in Mondioring and Dock Diving. After starting her own board and train business, she began training pet dogs as well as raising and putting sport foundations on multiple Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd and Doberman puppies. She has a passion for working dogs and she has trained around 500 purebred and mixed breed pet dogs. Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Associate Trainer for Narcotics and Explosives detection company
  • Mondioring Brevet/ Mondioring 1
  • French Ring Brevet/ French Ring 1
  • 2017 NARA Western Regionals Vice Champion Ring 1
  • 2017 NARA Championship Competitor
  • Associate Trainer – Koru K9
  • Senior Trainer – Hunter Canine
  • Head of Off Leash Program – Hunter Canine
  • Contributed Off Leash Training curriculum content with Leerburg Enterprises while at Hunter Canine
  • Animal Trainer for movie Soul Custody
  • CGC Evaluator
“Above all else, love your dog first and the sport second.”
2017 NARA Western Regionals Vice Champion, R1
2017 NARA Championship
USMRA Trial 2016